Debbie and Mark in Chicago in January 2011

Debbie and Mark are getting hitched and going on the adventure of a lifetime to the Sacred Valley of Longevity in Vilcabamba, Ecuador — not necessarily in that order.

As we talk about getting married, we discuss things that are important to us.  We talk about our priorities and dreams.  We want to live our lives in a place with the cleanest air and water on the planet, where the risk of radiation poisoning is minimized, where we can eat wonderful organic food without fear of the effects of genetically modified foods, and where we can live a sustainable lifestyle by growing our own food and living in simple abundance.

We have learned just enough about what it’s gonna take to live this kind of life.  And we’ve researched hundreds of hours to find what we believe is the perfect spot for us.  At this crossroads in our lives, the timing is perfect to make this happen.  We’re ready.  We’re prepared.  So we’re putting our money where our mouths are:  Valley of Longevity or Bust!


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  1. Hi Debbie and Mark, We are Debbie and Jim and we are attempting to follow in your footsteps. I don’t see any blog entries in the last year or an email address for you so I hope you get this. We would like to meet you when we get to Vilcabamba, hopefully in November (2012). We are anxious to know how it is going for you.
    Kindred Spirits

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