The climate in Vilcabamba is like Hawaii’s.  Even though Ecuador sits on the equator, the temperature is in the 70’s during the day all year.  The Sacred Valley of Longevity sits on the southern tip of Ecuador in the south end of the Andes Mountains at about 5,000 feet.  Even though the climate is moderate and soil is incredible, the elevation keeps the bugs away.  Nobody has heating or air conditioning systems, and even screens on the windows are uncommon!  The plant and animal diversity is the largest on the planet.

Vilcabamba is in Ecuador, South America right on the equator

We are excited about going to a place with the cleanest air and water on the planet, where the risk of radiation poisoning is minimized, where we can eat wonderful organic food without fear of the effects of genetically modified foods, and where we can live sustainable by growing our own food and living in simple abundance.


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