“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J. R. R. Tolkien

Mark and I moved to a new place this week.  We’re still in Vilcabamba, but now we’re at home in an adobe bungalow/cottage on a hillside overlooking the village of Vilcabamba in the valley below.  It’s a brisk 15 minute walk to the center of town, and there’s not much flat land here in the Southern Andes, so it’s either all uphill or all downhill.  That’s what makes it brisk.

It’s quiet here.  We can still hear the sounds of life in the valley, but they are secondary to the sounds of the birds and breeze coming through the windows.  There are no air conditioning or heating units down here.  You either open the window or close the window.  It’s 80 degrees in the day and 60 degrees at night, with very little exception.

Our choir sang in the local church this past Sunday.  It’s a church of  “locals” (as opposed to the white “foreigners”) and it was very well received.  We hope it will help make progress toward integration.

We had a great time last Friday night when we went to a local restaurant hot spot to hear our friends perform on the veranda as we had dinner.  Jack (whose playing reminds me of Carlos Santana) and Julia played lots of classic rock while we ate a truly wonderful meal with about 12 friends.  And guess who joined us — you’ll NEVER guess if you don’t follow alternative news online — Project Camelot’s very own Bill Ryan.  Right here in lil ‘ol Vilcabamba.  It was really a treat not only to see him in person, but to have dinner with him and tell him what his interviews have meant to us, and to get his take on what’s going on in the world.  If not for his interviews, we would probably have never come to Ecuador.  His interviews with George Greene and with Jim Humble were real catalysts for our research.

Will post pics shortly…


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I am engaged to Mark Howle, a wonderful man native to Mississippi (USA). We share an incredible number of common beliefs and philosophies. We'll act on our common convictions as we go to the Sacred Valley of Longevity in Vilcabamba, Ecuador in South America. We'll get married this fall. Between us, we have six kids ranging in age from 17 to 25. There is nothing more important to us than our kids: Austin, Caitlin, Hollie, Noah, Calvin, and Sam. Stay tuned. It promises to be a great ride!

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