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Ready, Set, not quite ready to Go!


They say the devil is in the details.  There are SO MANY details to cover before we hop on the plane for Ecuador.  We are trying to:

  • rent the house,
    Our house for rent in Oxford, MS
  • consolidate our belongings (most of my earthly possessions are still in a storage unit),
  • deal with airfare and travel arrangements,
  • find long-term rental housing in Vilcabamba (finalized our cabana today!),
  • passports (got ’em) and visas (applied for ’em),
  • doggie daycare for Wagner and Maggie (staying with Grandma and Grandpa in New Albany, MS), and
  • try to fit three months of travel supplies into two bags!  Ugggh!!!

We’ve done hundreds of hours of research on Vilcabamba, Ecuador so we know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

Our home away from home in Vilcabamba

Still, there’s just an awful lot to do before we go.  For many people, it’s a big deal to get married.  For others, it’s a big deal to pack away your earthly belongings for a 3-month journey.  They’re both big deals to us, but we’re doing them at the same time!  Not overwhelmed yet, but our TO DO LIST is always full.
We’re taking off August 9th.  Flying from Memphis to Miami; then to Quito, the capital of Ecuador; then to Loja, Ecuador; then it gets a little sketchy about our “taxi” to Vilcabamba. We’ll arrive on the evening of the 10th, Independence Day in Ecuador.  I guess it will be our independence day too.  We’re staying till the first week of December.
We haven’t even left yet and I’ve got so much to tell you already.  But I’ll try to limit it to interesting stuff….
Meanwhile, Peace and Blessings to you and yours,